The Sprinker Room

On the puzzle assembly front right now, we have 2 in progress. Another late-night session yesterday just getting the border completed on a beautiful Springbok 1000 piece scene.

The other one is a classic Ravensburger. We’re keeping plenty of puzzles on hand with all of the uncertain right now about which companies will stay open or even survive.

Here’s today’s thought puzzle:

The sign “Sprinker Room” first appeared on the back door of a large chain Grocery store. That store shall remain nameless. I came across it 7 years ago on my daily exercise route. My obsession with the written word would simply not allow me to ignore it.

It was Christmas time, so I went to the trouble of photographing it (the photo is lost somewhere in the internet ether) with the question “Is this where the word “Noel” came from?” (I hear groaning).

At first, the phonetics brought to mind Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates.

I recently took a few more pictures. 7 years later!!!! How many people have had the chance to correct it? Including those who actually stenciled it on the door?

The person who did the stenciling had to be looking at it for quite a while. He/she probably did notice it but correcting it would require an entire re-do with smaller stencils. 

It reminds me of the limitations of “spell check” in Word. 

In my career in management I recall a number of memos where the manager became the “manger”. Can Microsoft give us a “Think Check”, where we actually see what we’re reading?

And here’s another problem —— suppose the sprinklers misfire. The firemen arrive but they were very attentive in grade school and now read everything literally. They can’t find the sprinkler room!

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