This is an unabashed, unpaid endorsement of Costco stores. I've never done this before for any company, but here's the exception. For about 10 years, every visit to Costco has been a positive experience for us. My wife and I always wind up buying more items than we had planned. I figured out why ----... Continue Reading →

V and V

Vitale and Viviana This is a tale of two very special rabbits. Their special skills and intelligence are the side effects of being subjects in a clinical psychology experiment to test the effects of varying wavelengths of light on brain function.   Researchers have found that; “Pulsed transcranial red/near-infrared light therapy using light-emitting diodes improves cerebral blood flow and... Continue Reading →


Cooper has belonged to both major political parties and has run for local public office under both banners. Now, in his own words, “I’m for myself!”

Titanium Glow

Digression Alert! If you have no life and want to learn more about Titanium, google titanium/Wikipedia. I dare you.


Learning How to Retire. When I first began my blog, I made a deliberate attempt to avoid revealing my age. Who is going to want to read what old people have to say? But when the essence of my blog is my life’s story, I realize now how dumb that was.  I’m 76 years old... Continue Reading →

Axe Throwing

Since retiring I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I get up early and stay up relatively late, seldom sleeping more than 7 hours. I stay busy with home improvements, exercising, the stock markets, reading, and TV. Still there are days when it seems I just don’t have enough to do.  This morning as I... Continue Reading →

Body Language

To all of my followers --- this article is intended entirely in jest! I doubt that that needs to be said, but millions of people are overly sensitive to the issue. Only if I suddenly became The Benevolent King of our wonderful country --- King Bob --- would or could any of this happen. On... Continue Reading →

A Letter From Santa

The following is Santa’s attempt to explain to our 4-year-old great granddaughter why he left a gift for her at Nana and Papa’s house to be opened the day after Christmas. That’s when our family will be celebrating Christmas due to some family members arriving the day after. I didn’t want everyone opening gifts while there were none... Continue Reading →

All Cats go to Delaware

I haven’t written a facetious rant in quite a while. Note!!! Facetious!!! Photo by Pixabay on Delaware just happened to be on the other end of the bridge. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a fascinating sight with a captivating history for a buff like me. After convincing my wife Joan that we will not die... Continue Reading →

Room Available

I wish I could write simultaneously while assembling a puzzle. I was, just a moment ago, attempting to assemble the most difficult section of the Springbok puzzle shown below. Specifically, the upper left-hand corner had me stymied.  Taking one piece at a time, which might be a match, as I normally do, and attempting to find the correct... Continue Reading →

Redux: “Pleased to Meet You”

Why am I publishing this one again? Because it's my blog and I'm particularly proud of it. Puzzling (the verb) is becoming a large part of our lives now that we are “social distancing”, which is not new to me. I experienced a lot of it in high school for many reasons unrelated to any... Continue Reading →

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