Titanium Glow

Digression Alert! If you have no life and want to learn more about Titanium, google titanium/Wikipedia. I dare you.


Can’t help myself. When an obscure adjective comes shooting out of the big screen TV, it hits my brain like a speed bump at 30 MPH. This morning the commentator used “truculent” to describe the Russian leader’s attitude during an interview. My immediate thought was it’s safe to bet that half of the viewers have no idea what it... Continue Reading →

Redux: “Pleased to Meet You”

Why am I publishing this one again? Because it's my blog and I'm particularly proud of it. Puzzling (the verb) is becoming a large part of our lives now that we are “social distancing”, which is not new to me. I experienced a lot of it in high school for many reasons unrelated to any... Continue Reading →

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