What Could Go Wrong

Here’s what makes our current voting system work so well. Each of the 50 states control their own elections using a large % of volunteers. The inherent diversity of procedures makes it so much more difficult for any one bad actor to interfere. The people who run the elections are unsung patriotic heroes.  Most of... Continue Reading →


Obesity falls under the heading of a pandemic. A Pandemic is defined as an epidemic which spreads over multiple countries or continents. Biologists can create vaccines for physical ills but, there will never be a vaccine to cure obesity. The cure lies in awareness, education, and our commitment to changing our behavior. The following is... Continue Reading →


Cooper has belonged to both major political parties and has run for local public office under both banners. Now, in his own words, “I’m for myself!”

The Cost of Prejudice

I’ve been laboring over several long articles and in the process getting nothing done for publication. It’s my blog. I can make new rules if I so desire. New Rule: If I have a brief anecdote worth sharing, I will publish it! The title of this one refers to a monumentally stupid stock trading decision I made in... Continue Reading →

Redux: “Pleased to Meet You”

Why am I publishing this one again? Because it's my blog and I'm particularly proud of it. Puzzling (the verb) is becoming a large part of our lives now that we are “social distancing”, which is not new to me. I experienced a lot of it in high school for many reasons unrelated to any... Continue Reading →

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