Everything is Funny to Someone

I’m back. I’ve been away for a while. The big issues surrounding all of us right now (no, I won’t go into them here) had been getting me down to the extent I was finding it hard to sleep. 

After delivering a swift mental kick and a “Snap out of it” in the hindquarters to myself, I’ve decided to fall back on my blog as a diversion and relief from the crazy news of the day. I’ll unleash my miserable outlook on life on you, the reader. I’ll be writing even more often as well. The ultimate objective being to post daily. It’s tough to build a following without posting —– DUH!

My obsession with jigsaw puzzles is still alive. We just completed one entitled “1957” featuring classic American cars from that year. Look at the ‘57 Chevy Bel-Air —- is that not the epitome of simple, elegant design?

Our current puzzle effort is a challenging Parisian street scene. One thing the puzzles have certainly taught me —— if you do reach the point of frustration and are ready to swipe the whole damned thing on the floor, walk away.Not a bad life lesson — especially if you live with teen-agers.

Now for the “What’s Puzzling You” segment of this little dissertation. I cannot find an attribution for the title phrase, but it’s been stuck in my head for years, and the more I wonder to myself “could everything actually be funny to someone?”, the truer I find it to be. 

I tend to blurt. 

i.e. too often I let comments fly which might be construed as insensitive. Going back to my very first memories, I’ve been a wise-guy/smart-ass/humorist/comedian ——- there’s a wide range of terms depending upon whether or not you want to be nice.

I heard the following joke for the first time in 1976. I remember it so well because of its brevity (“the soul of wit”).

So, other than that Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play?

From the time this event occurred to the time I first heard this joke; it took 111 years for it to become socially acceptable (for some people) to tell it. Not all crass humor needs to age for 111 years. Roughly 5% of twitter comments about Covid-19 refer to the expendability of the elderly.

Since becoming a blogger, I’ve learned that I’ve been an iconoclast long before I knew the meaning of the word. This word has 19 synonyms. I love them all, but the one I would most like to be called is irreverent. Everyone, everything, needs some irreverence now and then. I’ll do my best to see that it happens going forward.

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  1. I could NOT AGREE MORE, Bob. BTW, Doug and I did a Parisian street scene 1000 piece jigsaw this summer. We should compare our efforts!


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