The Garage Gallery

What do you do with a jigsaw puzzle once it’s completed? 

After spending up to 2 weeks assembling each one, you develop an attachment to and an appreciation for them. Just like reading a book,  what do you do with the book itself when you’re done? Chances are they’ll wind up on a shelf destined to be dusted every 6 months.

Right from the beginning of my obsession with jigsaw puzzles I wanted to display each completed puzzle — somewhere. My wife made it clear that they would not be hanging in our house.

The attached video shows the current status of the gallery which I started in my garage beginning in January of this year. I’m not a skilled videographer, but you get the idea.

I’ve had only 3 people see the gallery so far, but all 3 of them reacted much more positively than I expected. Maybe it’s not so surprising. Each one is, or was, an actual work of art. 

Their reactions have sparked an idea for operating a business out of my garage. The Garage Gallery. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos also started out small in his garage.

Today, I visited my county tax office and registered my business name. I am now officially the Chairman and C.E.O of “PUZZLING”. The launch of my enterprise will consist of 3 or 4 lawn signs with my home address on it and my business hours — probably 2/week. 

My grand opening will look like a garden variety “garage sale”. Visitors will, no doubt ask about the puzzles. This past Sunday I nearly crippled myself cleaning the garage and throwing away anything with more than ¼ inch layer of dust on it. 

The PUZZLING showroom is ready. 

As people show up looking for the usual garage sale stuff, I want to let the puzzle gallery speak for itself and see if visitors are willing to part with their cash for an assembled jigsaw puzzle. Marketing Research!

This should be fun. I will, of course, publish the results — good or bad.

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