HERE is the link to the Facebook posting of my very own Gofundme page and I did it all by myself. I titled it “Bob’s Maserati”. It’s the 2020 version of begging. Not like the old days! Not like the guy I saw earlier today standing on the median strip, dangerously close to cars moving about 50 mph with his tattered sign telling me he’s “desperate”. That was the only word I could catch at that speed. I got news for you buddy — most people are desperate in some way these days. I’m sure his desperation was financial. Same for me, I’m getting older faster by the day. Time has aboutrunout for me to afford my dream car —

I considered having a sign professionally produced saying “Help me buy my Maserati”. I would, of course dress up in suit and tie before setting up on the median in a high traffic thoroughfare. That might be a bit risky. So I’ve decided to put my number one bucket list item shamelessly out there on Facebook in an attempt to find that one very wealthy person with a compassionate sense of humor who realizes that he/she isn’t going to be able to spend that 3 billion dollars in this lifetime. 

After one day, I’ve already raised $10.

Tell every billionaire you know about my campaign. Let’s get this done.

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