Today’s daily comments should be a lot easier than yesterday’s when I was interrupted by a complete power failure.

The photo you see is my first tattoo. It will be my only one in this lifetime. It came about as a result of an injury incurred during a tour of Spain in 2015. The accident left a scar shaped remarkably close to the outline of Spain itself. 

In case anyone tells you that the tattoo process isn’t painful, don’t believe it. It’s extremely painful. 

I’m in the process right now of writing a full-length article about how and why I now have a tattoo on my right knee. I hope to have it published in The Sun magazine. 

If you’re a reader, you’ll enjoy The Sun.

No advertising! Just a wide variety of poetry and short stories by both amateurs and professionals, and it’s free. Each month the editors select a general topic and readers are invited to submit their work for publication. By sheer coincidence, while I was in the process of having my tattoo done, I noticed that the topic for this coming October is “Tattoos”.


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