False Start

The most memorable vacation of my life is a 3 week-long tour of Spain back in 2015 with my brother. Of course I wanted my wife to go too but, she is convinced that most trans-Atlantic passenger jets fall into the ocean killing everyone aboard. We even offered free drugs to her to help her make it through the trip. She would have none of it, so it was just my brother and I.

Day One: We arrived at the Raleigh airport to leave for Barcelona and were checked into the gate without incident. We decided to grab a quick 5 Guys lunch. As we enjoyed our calorie laden lunch, the PA announcer informed us that our flight had been cancelled, not just delayed, flat out cancelled. As we listen to the announcement we’re gazing out the window at a clear blue Raleigh sky.

Damn that Philadelphia weather.

Not much choice, we return home and reboot for departure in the morning. Without further incident, we arrive in Barcelona the next night.

Read more detail about the remaining 13 days of this trip in my upcoming book, “Angry Tap Dancing — The Thrill of Flamenco”.

In reality there won’t be a book, ever!

I have 7 or 8 great book titles but insufficient discipline or desire to complete any one of them.

As a follower of this blog, all your going to get is quirky humor, some ranting, and a serious emotional story every now and then.

I hope you enjoy them all.

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