Chaos and the Butterfly Effect

After 2.5 years of writing, I’m questioning how much impact any of my writing has had on any of the paltry number of readers I’ve had. At a minimum, there’s the old physics law which basically says that for every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction. So, whether the reader actually recognizes it, there is an effect of some sort.

Is it worthwhile to continue this effort? In that mind frame, the “chaos” theory, about which, I actually knew nothing, came to mind. I’ve heard of the “butterfly effect”, but, as of 2 days ago had never researched what it means. It’s scary!

If you are relatively satisfied with your life as it currently is and relatively hopeful of your future, do NOT click on this link:

The first revelation is that the butterfly effect has nothing to do with Monarchs or Swordtails or any other species of butterflies. The butterfly is actually the image (shown above) that’s created when a computer simulation of the earth’s atmosphere is run.

What’s stunning, at least to me, about these simulations is that changing any one of its 24 variables by as little as one thousandth (.001) generates a completely different pattern. That pattern, being the future of our planet.

Knowing what I now Know, I’ve decided to embrace the Alfred E. Newman mantra “What? Me Worry?

Have a nice future.

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