“Bob, I’ll take over from here”.

I’m a struggling writer. The struggle begins with my lack of typing skills, followed by my limited vocabulary, and finally, my inability to focus on the original theme. Maybe I’m not a writer!?

This week on CBS’s Sunday Morning News show, the best information news show, bar none, on T.V., one segment covered in detail the latest sensational computer application, ChatGPT, which is already changing how the world writes and how we interpret that writing. I tried to enter a sample question but, the site has been checking the security of my connection for the last 10 minutes.

In a nutshell, Chat GPT allows the user to submit a question and with a click receive a perfectly composed and very detailed response. I’ve corrected my last typo, my last search for spelling and synonyms.

CHAT’s potential is mind boggling but, I won’t attempt to get into that here. 

My focus in this article is how ChatGPT will affect my quest to become a published (not self-published) writer at the age of 77.

Just when I felt I was progressing with my writing skills, some wise guy invents an app which makes those skills obsolete; except for one.

That one remaining skill is asking questions which trigger an entertaining “CHAT” response. Most 5-year-old kids could fill that role

Apparently, there’s no limit to how you might use CHAT’s services. Some schools have already banned it. Do English teachers face obsolescence?

Read more about it;


In fact, teachers are fighting back with their own AI system to identify plagiarism. And, most likely, someone else will show us how to mask plagiarism with a little smart editing. Almost sounds like a volleyball game — CART…your serve.! Real World, your serve!

Whatever the outcome, the blogosphere has been rocked to its core.

As my son reads this, he’ll be laughing out loud. His description of all blogs is “writing with the quality control button turned off”. Even his father’s???

It’s a harsh pitiless world at times. When the shop owner says “We’re closing the doors!”, you must move on.

Initially, I intend to join the enemy by signing up and paying CHATGBT $49.00/month to “write” for me.  

Should be interesting.

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  1. We already have AI that creates “art” based on your own input. Can ChatGBT answer the question: Can you rewrite James Joyce’s “Ulysses” so that someone will actually read it.


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