New Word Interpretation for the Elderly

It’s tough enough getting along as an old person today with all the technological advances. “How the hell does this remote work?” not to mention the new electric coffee maker. An even heavier lift right now for the elderly is keeping up with new words. For the past several years the number of new words officially adopted keeps growing and growing making it more likely that you’ll be the gal/guy looking for the “any key” i.e. “press any key”.

Well, like the button on the elevator says, “Help is on the way”.

The good news is there’s a new on-line business opportunity just waiting to be exploited. For a nominal charge, let’s say $1.99, (please do not mail your payment to us) “Whatzat?”, that’s the name of the APP (what’s an APP?), will forward to you in seconds, the new word’s definition to enable you to sound “tuned in” while you socialize at your next water yoga class. Millions of elderly Americans want to keep up so they can talk to their grandchildren in the event they ever come to visit. The initial public offering, I.P.O., of “Whatzat” will smash all previous records.

Without burying you in statistics, a quick search reveals that Merriam-Webster added almost 1,000 words and phrases to its dictionary in 2021. My nominee for most enlightening is “blockchain”. Before you research this one, you’ve been warned; the odds of you ever understanding it are slim and none. And then there’s Fluffernutter. Look it up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your elderly day consisted mostly of walking Fido, resting on the front porch in your cushioned rocker, and capping it off with a 3P.M. nap?

To achieve that level of serenity, shut the computer and TV down, take up landscaping, jigsaw puzzles, and take that 3 P.M. nap at the local library.

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