The house is completely quiet. I’m at the peak of my daily caffeine high right now and ready to rock, roll and write!

Joan, my wife, after providing a memorable real time jigsaw puzzle piece anecdote for my last article (see my last article), she provided another real-life puzzling gem on Friday.

While working on the very challenging Springbok, she was simultaneously snacking from a bag of Fritos corn chips. I didn’t see it happen, but she told me about at the dinner table.

While munching, she mistook a puzzle piece for a corn chip, put it in her mouth, and actually clamped down on it.

Puzzling will do that.

It will subordinate the rest of reality (excluding, of course, a couple of essential biological functions) to that one aggravating piece you need to find in that moment. At this point we’ve seen no evidence of porta-potties being installed in the puzzling room.

The good news is that your total focus is on the puzzle, vs. the rest of this nutty world.

And now, a most appropriate topic for Easter Sunday; Bunnies!

Most of us, at least once, have asked ourselves, “What do rabbits have to do with a sacred Christian holiday?”

As with most mythological nonsense, it appears to originate in the 13th century —- see Halloween.

Hallmark, the greeting card company, owes a huge debt of gratitude to the 13th century. One look at their marketing schedule reveals the obvious connection.

After a thorough investigation of the history behind the Easter Bunny, this morning, for about 8 minutes, I’ve formed my own theory behind the creation and promotion of the Easter Bunny.

Ask yourself, “Who has the most to gain from the “existence” of TEB (abbreviation reduces keystrokes)”

The whole format and script of TEB is a redo of Christmas.

Kids are behind both TEB and SCCT (Santa Claus Coming to Town).

Kids want stuff!

It’s what they do.

Parents believe they can extort good behavior by dangling chocolate rabbits in front of their kids.

The kids play along, get their chocolate, and on Monday they go right back to being addicted to, and constantly demanding their parent’s fulltime attention.

And, after all the hype about decorated, hard-boiled eggs, kids don’t eat them!

Parents; the next time one of these 13th century “traditions” rolls around (Halloween! Coincidentally, more candy), show the kids who’s really in charge and fight the urge to give them stuff.

Good Luck!!

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