A Springbok Water Wheel and “Techie” Part One

“Puzzling”, the blog, was launched on the 2nd of February of 2020. 

Thanks to all of my followers for reading (listening). 

With every article you get a two-fur. 

The first half of each post deals with the jigsawpuzzle that my wife, Joan and I are currently assembling, while the 2nd half gives you a unique, original and humorous look at the power of and my obsession with the English language.

Starting today, the heading on each post will have 2 titles. The first refers to the jigsaw puzzle we are currently assembling. The second is the “thought” puzzle or, what’s monopolizing my thinking right now.

Every day we are learning more about and getting better at jigsaw puzzle assembly. We’re also learning about ourselves as we handle the frustrations and small accomplishments inherent in a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Last Sunday we completed a William Carrphotograph, 185 Graziella, Burano.

Check out the Carr site as I did and enjoy the phenomenal photos along with the history and significance of each one.

Immediately following the completion of the Carr/ Ravensburger puzzle, I opened and began the assembly process of a very complex photo of a French Water Wheel from Springbok.

Be advised: Springbok is immensely more difficult than Ravensburger.

I’ll have more on that in future posts.

“Techie” – – – Part 1

If the following events were made into a movie, the opening scene would have me un-packing a new wireless headset with the intention of single-handedly “pairing” the new device with my TV satellite system. 
(I just learned yesterday what “pairing” is”)

Just as the “wireless” headset is being plugged into an electrical socket to be charged using wires, my in-home “wireless” network goes down. This was just yesterday. The memory is fresh and I swear the two events were simultaneous. 

Technology hates me.

Right here, I must digress from my movie script ——– for years I’ve wondered, pondered, puzzled over why wireless devices require so many wires, plugs, and sockets. 

It’s one of those Wizard of Oz things, —– what’s behind the curtain, or, under the desk? A lot of wires!!! 

Alright, got that out of my system!

Back to the movie.

The failure of my in-home wireless network is the opening scene. From there we flash back 3months ago to when I decided, over my wife’s objections, to switch from cable to satellite TV. How’s that for “out on a limb” over “thin ice”. This better work!

The next scene has the installer showing up. Techie is his name. (obviously not his real name, but that’s the one he goes by) The installation experience is very positive/successful. Techie has 20 years of experience in computer technology. 

He gives us his personal phone number and encourages us to call him if we have a problem.Of course, given the hatred which technology harbors toward me, it’s not long and we have a problem —– after a very brief power outage, we have no sound coming from the auxiliary sound system. 

We call Techie.

We’re told to find the sound system’s remote. Got it!

We try it. Still no sound!

And this is where I knew that Techie knew his stuff. He tells Joan to make sure there are batteries in the sound system’s remote. Joan checks. Of course, the battery compartment is empty.

Techie knows the right questions to ask.

He knows how dumb average citizens are about technology.

Tune in, next blog. when the Kruegers actually realize that cable and satellite TV are different!!!

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