In the Weeds and Techie Two

We’re working on the Springbok Water Wheel. We’re in the weed bed phase of puzzle assembly.

With over 750 pieces still scattered on the table, finding the next piece is like searching a weed bed for a golf ball that I just sliced waaaay to the right.

I know where the ball is, but not exactly.

That puzzle piece is on the table somewhere, all we need is the focus and determination to find it.

But we’re making good progress and I’m actually beginning to appreciate the increased challenge of Springbok.

Techie Two

The saga continues ——. Please see my previous article.

After two positive encounters with Techie, our satellite installation guy, I decided to call on him again to assist me in connecting a new wireless headset. 

I explained to him that I don’t do technology and that I would pay him to be in my home while I attempt to connect the headset. He was reluctant to do so. As he explained how easy it was, I, of course, quickly became confused. 

I was on my own!!!

Back to the opening scene in our movie. 

The in-home wireless network is down which prevents the pairing of the headset to my satellite TV. 

I call Techie. 

I ask him if he can come to my home and help. No, he can’t. He’s “in the mountains”. 

Don’t let your tech support guy leave town without your knowing it.

Finally, we learn that the cable company which services our LAN line and “wireless” suffered a power outage exactly when I plugged in the “wireless” headset using wires.

It was all a cruel coincidence.

But Joan and I can’t figure out why we still have TV. 


We fired the TV cable provider 3 months ago. TV is now working off of satellite. 

Our movie has a happy ending. 

The headphones work and we now know the difference between satellite (in the sky) and cable (in the ground).

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