By Appointment Only

Right now, jigsaw puzzles are in high demand and hard to find.

To help you with that, I’m sharing with you my secret source. 

Call Samantha.

Samantha runs a small toy store with inventory catering to parents and grandparents who really care about the value of the gifts we select for our families.

Check out her website.

Here’s the catch. 

Prior to the virus thing, could we ever have imagined that we would need to make an appointment to buy a jigsaw puzzle?

That’s what the sign on the door said when I checked to see if they were open.

“By Appointment Only”

The Pittsboro puzzle purveyor (is that great alliteration, or what???) now requires the same planning and follow-up as your doctor, lawyer, plumber, and the cable guy.

O.K., I said to myself. If that’s what it takes ………I called Samantha and she was pleasantly accommodating. She shared the estimated arrival times for the next 2 jigsaw puzzle shipments and agreed to call me when they arrive. 

Joan and I are (not so rapidly) completing our current puzzle without any puzzles in reserve. 

PWS, or Puzzle Withdrawal Syndrome, is beginning to set in.

Fortunately, Samantha received one shipment yesterday and expects another later this week. 


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