Puzzleless // You’ve Been Warned!

Here we sit right now, again, without a puzzle to assemble.

Last night, we completed an interesting puzzle featuring extinct and/or endangered wildlife from a company called EEBOO. Lotsa bugs, beetles, and butterflies. 

Excellent quality, but not very challenging. We completed it in 3 days —– a record for us.

But, 4 new puzzles are on their way. 

Now we sit, wistfully gazing out the window, hoping the FedEx guy arrives soon.

You’ve Been Warned!

This week I bought a new lawn edger. Not a big deal, right? Just put fuel in it, yank the cord, and away we go!


As you already know, machines of all kinds are a challenge for me.

Years ago, our Golden Retriever was conditioned to leave the room anytime I had a tool (or, butter knife) in my hand. 
She knew that heavy objects were about to fly, 

In that same era, I was able to assemble a barbeque grill with the cover on backwards. It took some ingenious Gerry rigging, but, with determination, sweat, and cursing, I did it!

Things have changed. I’ve discovered the owner’s manual and the illustrated instructionstherein. 

So, this past Monday, I’m doing a “deep dive” reading the entire manual for my new edger. The instructions also came in 32 foreign languages. I skipped those.

After a few pages, I notice that each of them includes several “warnings”. I do the total count. There’s 93 of them, and that’s just in the English version.

This is either a very dangerous piece of equipment, or the maker of this edger is paying way too many product liability lawyers. I have experience in producing contracts. I actually know what “force (not horse) majeure” is. Theterm means that if we, the lawyers, missed any exceptions, it’s God’s fault.

The next day, Tuesday, was launch day.

I open the garage door, and start reading the owner’s manual, but it’s not making any sense.  I soon discover that I grabbed the manual for my hedge trimmer made by the same supplier as the lawn edger.

There was no warning to make sure that you’re reading the correct manual!

I restart the process, step by step, and crank up the edger. 

Hey! It works great. 

No major injuries, so far.

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