Puzzleless Part Two

It’s Thursday, early morning. We’ve been without a puzzle now for 16 hours. 

Fortunately, we received an email from FedEx on Wednesday promising that they would deliver 2 puzzles today. So now, we sit at the front window wistfully watching and waiting. 

We were also yearning. How many times can you recall hearing the word “yearning” in everyday conversation? “Hey MOM. I’m yearning for ice cream!”. “Yearning” is one of 13 good synonyms for “wistful”, but I needed a “W” for the alliteration. 

Dear reader(s): I know these digressions can be a distraction from the story line, but —— what was I saying? Oh yeah. 

We’re waiting for Fedex. All through the day my anxiety grows. 

Fedex never shows. 

In desperation, I call Samantha at the Toy Store, but she’s puzzleless too. 

Late that evening, I begin planning my strategy for acquiring a jigsaw puzzle on Friday. I search the internet and find puzzles in stock at a local craft store. I study their “curbside” pick up procedure in case we need to use it Friday. We’ll be ready. 

Joan and I outline our plan to be there when their doors open.

Puzzle withdrawal syndrome has taken over at this point. I can’t sleep. 

Friday morning: We shorten our coffee and cable TV talk show routine and ready ourselves to leave at 10:30 and arrive when the store opens at 11:00.

As we are about to walk out the door, we check the front porch one more time. 

There’s a package!!! 

We grab it, hastily cut it open and (cue the choir) it contains 2 Springbok 1000-word puzzles. 

We have our “fix”. Life is good.   

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