Take a close look at the photo above.

What is this sign saying to you? 

To the average football fan, it’s an attempt to encourage your team to play better defense. 

However, not everyone “gets it”.

I know a guy who didn’t get it

As the camera panned the fans in the stands, this guy watching the game with me said, 

“I don’t get it! D-Gate ???”

I attempted to explain to this guy that displaying the entire FENCE was too expensive and downright impractical.

In our part of the country, there’s a lawn sign posted intermittently which reads; 

“Slow Death in the Family”. 

Note: no punctuation!

Sounds horrible. Doesn’t it?

In reality, it’s a rather creepy way for a funeral home to advertise.

However, being an excessively literal person, I put my foot on the brake petal, and slow down about 10 miles/hour.

If you watch TV excessively like I do, we’re all seeing a lot of signs lately. 

It’s common now to see a person’s philosophy, religion, or rant on their T-Shirt. 

It’s sort of awkward having to ask the person to stand still long enough so I can read and better appreciate their point of view.

If you are 75 years old now, fifty years ago you were listening to a popular song by “The Five Man Electrical Band” entitled “Signs”. 

Google it!

Interesting lyrics.

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