Good Company

What’s this blog all about? 

Humor— original humor, Puns— a play on words. “Pun spelled backwards is NUP, and that’s “anup outta you!”

Listening to Steve Martin on CBS Sunday Morning

I was inspired to write about the theme of my blog and why, specifically, I avoid sharing any of my political or religious views. My effort is to make the reader more aware of our fallibility, the tendency to make mistakes, or be wrong, in all of us. I’ve found that when we see, or are shown, the nonsense we’re prone to regurgitate, we laugh. We laugh at ourselves. That’s humbling, and humility is a good thing.

In the Steve Martin interview you’ll a get a good idea of the diversity of his talents — not to mention what a joy it is just to listen to him. He said he keeps his political views private. As it pertains to my writing, so do I. You don’t care about my politics. I’m not going to convert anyone. It’s a waste of time. The same is true for religion. 

My top priority is originality! i.e. “the sun doesn’t rise, the earth rotates”. Using the same example, priority #2 is “thought provoking”. When you first read that line, you’re thinking “What the hell is he talking about?”, and after further thought, you realize it’s true.

As you watch Steve Martin, listen closely to his unveiling of a new cartoon about a school for “Physic Training” where the potential student asks “How much is the intuition?” That’s creativity, original and thought provoking.

I consider my self in good company in sharing Steve Martin’s objective: Entertainment!

Stubhub’s sight shows tickets to see Steve Martin in person in 2021 will run as high as $899.

—– this 3 to 4 minute read is free.

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