Packers Puzzle

As you read on, this article may sound like it’s about football. 

But, WAIT!

It’s about nostalgia and the visions “that were planted in my brain” (Thanks, Simon and Garfunkel) and will always remain until I can no longer detect the smell of peanut butter from 11 centimeters away. I know you’ve never heard that line before, and you may laugh, but the peanut butter test/thing is real. Look it up under “Alzheimer”. Right now, it gets first place for ROF or, REALLY OBSCURE FACT of the day, and has got to pique your curiosity. 

but —- let’s move on.   

The general premise of my blog is that life is an evolving jigsaw puzzle. However, today allow me to share my actual current jigsaw puzzle endeavor featuring the history of the NFL’s Super Bowls. In the photo below take note of which team is most prominent and featured on top — — The Green Bay Packers!!!

Step back in time with me to the 1960’s in Wisconsin when the fortunes of the Packers were reviewed daily in millions of homes. The Chicago Bears were evil, the referees, when they penalized our Packers, were dumb, blind, and corrupt — in our minds anyway. The 1:00 P.M. Sunday afternoon games were taken personally and viewed with high emotion, plenty of obscenities, (sorry, just being honest here) along with plenty of beverage and unhealthy food.

Our legendary coach was Vince Lombardi. In the past 40 years, I have personally seen large colored portraits of Lombardi hanging in the offices of many corporate executives as a model of leadership and integrity.  His story is inspirational. Check it out on Wikipedia.

The Sunday Green Bay football ritual was happening in our home for about 10 years before the first Super Bowl — just long enough to build up my passion. As I’m looking back at the time line for this right now, I’m very surprised to see that I was actually 22 years old watching the Packers win their first Super Bowl. Usually when I look back on this, in my minds eye, I’m a teenager. Years have a tendency to distort facts. Nostalgia is prone to error.

A couple of years ago, I made my first trip to Lambeau Field in Green Bay. It was December 3rd, our 50th wedding anniversary. There was a baby shower scheduled in our home that day, so Joan had no problem with me being gone. Scratch that off my bucket list. 

In case you’re wondering how our marriage can withstand such callous disregard for the 50th — the following explains how I’ve built up “points” over the years —- read carefully!

What did the Buck say to his Doe?

“Yes, Deer”

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