So, This is Christmas!

Inspiration for my articles tend to spring up in a flash. The title of this one is a little-known Beatle’s song, but my version should be read more like, Really? this is Christmas???

I am attempting, with my marginal writing skills to capture this moment in time —Christmas Day, 12/25/2020 at 1:45 P.M.

I just finished, for medicinal purposes, a large Bloody Mary prepared by Joan using a wonderful recipe provided by our son during his visit this past Thanksgiving Day — a visit highlighted by our son painting the interior of my garage and rearranging the display of 20 completed jigsaw puzzles therein, our Garage Gallery. I bet you’re wondering right now how many other American families painted their garage on Thanksgiving Day. Other than that, it was an All-Americana traditional Holiday. 

I was about to start drinking my second Bloody Mary when it occurred to me what a highly unusual Holiday experience was taking place. I decided not to start the second one and try to capture the moment.

We have no visitors. Just Joan and Me. The pandemic thing, you know.

There are no gifts under the tree — there is no tree. We couldn’t muster enough spirit to put one up. We Christmas-decorated every room in the house and hung Christmas outdoor lights — more than enough spirit for us.

There are no gifts to be opened. We’ve already given ourselves 3 major-purchase gifts (a grill, an I-Pad, and a new car) which would be hard to wrap !!! much less to place under a tree which isn’t there.

Up to this point in time (2:04 P.M.) we’ve spent most of this day watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” re-runs off of our DVR. Satellite reception has not worked up to this point due to unusually high winds and a wobbly post holding the receiver. When I attempted to watch Bass fishing, the T.V. told me to go to the DVR.

That pretty much summarizes our Christmas right now.

Today’s only NFL game starts at 4:30 P.M. I am praying to the god of satellite reception to slow down the wind and let me watch the game.

Christmas Day should be memorable. This one qualifies.

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