Breaking News!!!

Of the 18 leaves left on the tree on the 19th of November, only one, a dark brown one remains today. Despite strong winds and heavy rain within that time frame, that leaf hangs on. It haunts. It taunts —- with the same effect of the “thumping” in Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Telltale Heart”.

Should I change to another smoking location?

Stop smoking altogether???

Absolutely, not!

This leaf will not run my life!




Falling Leaves, Nov. 19, 2021

As I ponder while sitting on the screened porch outside first thing this morning with my coffee and cigarette, I realized that I was focused on how many leaves remained on my favorite tree in our back yard. And then I wondered —- Just how predictable, and boring does your life have to be to get you to the point of counting unfallen leaves?

I was reminded of a scene in a Chevy Chase movie where he’s a writer, like me, not a very good one, and he’s suffering from writer’s cramp. He’s seated next to an open window getting more frustrated when a little sparrow perches on the window sill and he douses it with a cup of steaming hot coffee.

I’m so deep into the minutia of the moment that I realize that I’ve counted the remaining leaves. Now that’s not to say there’s no purpose behind the counting. The leaves have been falling for over 2 weeks and I’m waiting for the remaining 18 to fall so I only need to pick them up one more time. 

There are 8 dark brown, 4 yellow, and 6 light brown. What’s getting irritating is that the 3 colors fall at their own rate, so predicting the fall of the last one is difficult. I may have to take action. 

The yellow ones are accessible from the ground. I’ll knock those off from the ground. The other 2 colors will require an innovative use of the rake but, I think they can be reached. 

This will be my project, my major accomplishment, for today. Tomorrow, the plan is to flick the insect which has been loitering on the outside of the screen. I think I can reach it from ground level. 

One project at a time.

Piece o’ cake!

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