Big Words

As I watch the TV talk show political banter every day, I’m noticing a consistent trend. First, let me acknowledge the futility and self-inflicted mental anguish which comes from watching political banter. My hope is that one day politicians will begin to behave the way, I’m sure, their Mothers wanted them to behave i.e., friendly, kind, and honest with all of their constituents. Hasn’t happened yet, but I wait and watch.

The trend I’m referring to is the use of words which most of their audience won’t understand. I keep my “Google machine” handy so I’m ready whenever a new one pops up. 

My first example of the big word which the majority of the audience doesn’t understand is “dystopia” (an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives). We all know from watching TV that our world is disintegrating into dystopia at an ever-increasing rate each day.    

Next comes “sycophant” (a “suck-up, leech, toady, parasite, just add slime). In today’s political environment they’re ubiquitous. Back in the eighties, my friend Ralph was throwing “ubiquitous” around ubiquitously until I finally had to ask him, “what does that mean?”. It means common. Commentators are now prefacing sycophant with obsequious (servile, slavish}. Obsequious sycophants! They’re doing most of the Sunday talk show interviews. I give them credit for their diligence in sticking to their “talking points” and ignoring the interviewer’s question.

The latest one which popped up this morning is “panoply” (magnificent, impressive, ceremonial armor). I must be dumb. I had to do an immediate “Google”.

My point to all of the above is that the average viewer doesn’t understand a large % of what’s being thrown at them and intellectual curiosity died long ago. 

To my avid readers, (that might be singular) you may recall from a previous article about a guy by the name of John Srock, the owner of a sheetrock business. Srock is his real family name. The sheetrock business part is coincidence. John, I’m guessing, did not read the 800-page Mueller report and he has no idea what my $10.00 word examples mean. He doesn’t own a thesaurus. He’s hot, tired, and dirty at the end of the day. He needs a shower and a beer.

Attention Commentators: Speak to the majority of Americans and grow your audience.

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  1. Just a thought from your “avid reader”.(who incidentally just touched in NH)..I think the root of the problem lies within our public school system. I actually blamed the PS system for the disaster of the 2016 presidential election. We no longer educate people for citizenry (learning to read, ask questions, be curious, know how to disagree/debate politely, understand what democracy is, etc) Over the years, we have decided to live in the house of “low goals” and “low expectations”. From my vantage point, I think everyone should know what panoply and ubiquitous mean!! Hope all is well on Aster Lane, Bob!


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