Titanium Glow

The first thing that comes to mind as I read the title —- You can’t make this up! I couldn’t. Before yesterday, I would never imagine coupling these 2 words. But Joan and I were in a new car dealership signing a lease on an awesome new car —- awesome by our standards anyway. 

Digression Alert! If you have no life and want to learn more about Titanium, google titanium/Wikipedia. I dare you.

Back to the dealership —–Everything went smoothly. Very good customer service. At our age the whole process is pretty routine, but there is one piece of information which really stood out —- the name of the color of our vehicle —- Titanium Glow!!! No, the car does not glow. It’s nice and shiny and has a nice silvery tan tinge but, no glow. False advertising?

As I checked out other color names on other showroom vehicles, it became apparent that the Director of Car Color Names (there must be a director level job for this)had gone over the edge. Blizzard Pearl (white), Coastal Gray (just gray), Blueprint (too blue), and Ruby Flare (I met her years ago at a strip club). Black and Celestial Black (both appear to be black). They also offered a Blue Streak Metallic, but apparently decided that Yellow Streak wouldn’t sell well.

Regardless of the lack of “Glow” on our new car, we love it. I do wish, however, that manufacturers would find a suitable place on the vehicle itself to write in the color name. Our last vehicle color name was Blizzard something. I just typed the second word minutes ago but, can’t remember it now. I just looked —- Blizzard Pearl. 

Before I began writing this article, I shouted out to Joanthe name of this article as “Titanium Blow”! Yes, truly, I did. Fortunately, she corrected me. 

Photo by Sahir Sujahudeen on Pexels.com

I’ll give it about 3 months and let you know what our new car’s color has turned into in my somewhat scrambled memory.

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