Feral Pigs and Decapitated Children

I’m angry!

I’m having trouble preventing that anger from disrupting my concentration on anything else. Solution? Express/vent my feelings about the source of that anger; the murders of school children. This article’s title refers to news outlets having reason to report on these two topics on the same day this past week. “You can’t make this stuff up!”, and now you don’t need to. 

It happened.  

Both topics are related to the AR-15 assaultrifle.

United States senators, whom one might, albeit mistakenly, assume, are intelligent well-meaning people, are using the eradication of feral pigs by farmers as a justification for allowing these weapons to be sold to 18-year-olds. 

On the same day that we heard from this morally corrupt senator, a Texas local public health official is explaining in a press conference what happened during the massacre of 19 children.

When the bullet from the AR-15 strikes someone directly in the head, it decapitates the victim.  Very few people realized this before it was painfully clarified. 

Now imagine you’re a parent of one of these children.

I switch now to the speech which Matthew McConaughey gave this past week at a White House press briefing, but bear with me. He was animated, angry, impassioned as he thoroughly expressed his opposition to automatic rifles, weapons of war, being sold to private citizens. His passion was justified. 

His anger, as it will impact the taking of the AR-15’s out the hands of 18-year-olds, all 21 minutes of his speech, changed nothing.

Now, stay with me as I take you to the movies to show you a much more effective side of Matthew McConaughey.

The movie is “A Time to Kill”. McConaughey’s character is addressing an all-white jury attempting to acquit Samuel L. Jackson’s character of murder after killing several white scum bags who raped and brutalized Jackson’s 8-year-old daughter who, of course, was black.

40 seconds into his summation, he asks the jurors to close their eyes.

McConaughey’s character is calm and focused, but intense, with his delivery. He never raises his voice. He details, graphically, the atrocities put upon an innocent 8-year-old girl. 

The entire courtroom is spellbound by his telling of the story. His coup-de-grace – his final words to the jurors, still with their eyes closed, “Now imagine she’s white!”,

Of course, in the fantasy world that is Hollywood, Jackson’s character is acquitted.

Now, readers, close your eyes and imagine what would happen if the Democrats resolved that no expense would be spared to unseat   Republican senators who won their last elections by less than 55% and are up for re-election in seven states in 2024. 

I shall here and henceforth refer to them as the Malignant Seven. 

As soon as the dust settles from the 2022 results, Dems unleash attack ads against The Malignant Seven. These attack ads must portray these seven as sympathetic toward mass murderers for the sake of farmers who need to kill wild pigs. Every ad includes a picture of the AR-15. These ads need to be extreme right up to the edge of libel or maybe right into it just for publicity’s sake. 

Campaign funds which in the past were wasted on races totally out of reach for Dems are funneled to this effort.  

Dems, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty, or at least a little smudged. How about this: Use pictures of Republican incumbent, Roy Blunt, without that ridiculous topee. Call the ad: “Uncovering the Truth”.  Beat Republicans at their own game.

Round up the major donors and make it clear that 2024 is going to require $’’s and more $$$’s.

Hire a campaign manager just to handle the Malignant Seven effort renowned for their leadership acumen and preferably never ran for or held political office.

Unfortunately, just like the verdict in “A Time to Kill”, my 2024 strategy is fantasy. Most importantly, I’ve got it out of my system and I can return to more easily forgotten humor.  


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