What Could Go Wrong

Here’s what makes our current voting system work so well. Each of the 50 states control their own elections using a large % of volunteers. The inherent diversity of procedures makes it so much more difficult for any one bad actor to interfere. The people who run the elections are unsung patriotic heroes.  Most of them volunteer out of a personal sense of obligation. The gentleman who assisted me told me that he’s been a volunteer for 35 years. Do not buy the argument that “nationalization” of voting processes would be an improvement. It would be an irresistible target for manipulation and corruption —- bet on it!  

I wrote the above exactly 2 years ago when there was media discussion of the wide variations among the 50 states of voting rules and the logistics of ballot accumulation and counting. There was talk of conforming these processes in all 50 states. If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know that this is exactly what the Right would love to do ……

                                       for all the wrong reasons.

Power brokers live off of centralization. If their motives are nefarious, that country’s in trouble. In 2022, worldwide there were 52 nations being run by dictators as defined by the World Population Review. Unless you’re currently existing in an unlit basement, you’re probably aware that most all of these dictatorships hold sham elections to perpetuate their façade of government by the people.

China actually refers to itself as a “democratic dictatorship” Huh? Which sounds wacky but actually is very honest. Leaders will only do what’s best for the people. In the event that the “people” don’t like it, leadership will have to dictate and use deadly force to deal with resistance. You might call it the “Shut up or Die” approach. Seems to be working for China right now but, stay tuned.

Back to the good ol’ USA.

We now know that the main ingredient for sham elections in the U.S. is the manipulation of state delegates. There are currently a number of fake delegates who signed illegal documents in 2020 which claimed to be a vote for the Right. Our Justice Dept. is attempting to put some of them in prison. Hopefully that comes about before 2024 when the Right takes over totally, or should I say “totaletarianly”. I love inventing new words.

However, not too far in the future when 26 or more Right leaning states have a Right leaning Governor who is willing, nay, dedicated to replacing the People’s actual choices for delegates, the first American faux election is reality.

And WE, yes, WE, the people of the U.S.A. are doing this to ourselves. Keep saying “It can’t happen here”. Put it on a T-shirt —- a bumper sticker. A sign on your lawn? Maybe write song? Ask Weird Al Yankovich to maybe parody the Frank Zappa version of “It can’t Happen Here”. Re-name it “Damn! It’s Happening here!” Or write a book like Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here” published in 1935, about the rise of Hitler. Reminder: Hitler was elected. The power brokers at the time were going to “control” him! What could go wrong?

Duly elected Governors are simply going to change what their states’ delegates can or cannot do. What could go wrong?

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