For about the last 15 years we’ve used an outstanding local independently owned lawn care business. I discovered this company while jogging through our neighborhood and noticing that at every home where this service stopped to apply their treatments, the lawns were all nearly perfect and certainly the best in the entire subdivision. So, with nothing to lose, I decided to hire them. It was a good decision.

Their work was nearly flawless. Their response to all issues was quick and thorough. We recommended them to all of our friends and neighbors many of which hired them.

That ended this Spring when their estimate for continuing their services, which they could not explain or justify, came in at triple what they had been. They insisted that their estimate was valid and would not negotiate. We cancelled their services.

Now what?

Fortunately, we have a fairly large landscaping materials business about a 3 minute’ drive from our home. It’s run by Lonnie, an elderly local icon in the landscaping business. Everyone in our small town knows Lonnie. A graduate of 9th grade and no further, he built a thriving and highly reputable business. It was in his not-very-well organized office that Lonnie and a couple of his employees enthusiastically recommended that I call Pepi. That’s the name on his business card.

Pepi’s crew consisted of his wife and an elderly man who might be his father. I’m not sure. His responses were timely and his estimates were 1/3 of what our previous provider gave us. When the day came for the work to be done, his arrival was exactly what he said it would be. All items on the work list were completed to our satisfaction in about half of the time it usually took our previous provider. The last item on Pepi’s list was to walk the entire property with me to ensure I was satisfied with the results. We most certainly were.

Since moving to Pittsboro, NC 6 years years ago we’ve found many other small businesses like Pepi’s. I hope that my readers will also support small local businesses. And, yes, we gave Pepe and his crew of two a generous tip.

In hindsight, it wasn’t enough.

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