This is an unabashed, unpaid endorsement of Costco stores. I’ve never done this before for any company, but here’s the exception.

For about 10 years, every visit to Costco has been a positive experience for us. My wife and I always wind up buying more items than we had planned. I figured out why —- it’s due to Costco’s outstanding marketing. We’re greeted by timely seasonal items immediately as we enter the store so attractively priced that it would be dumb not to stock up.

I am retired and dress casually almost every day. Costco’s offerings in men’s casual fashion have made visits to the mall obsolete, except when I have an ipad or cellphone problem. It’s not just the low prices which run close to 50% less than the mall’s department store. Their quality and selection are outstanding.

The same attractive prices and quality apply to Costco’s food. We have never been disappointed. The classic example would be the rotisserie chicken priced not by the pound but by the whole chicken — $5.00 ea. regardless of the weight. Yes, I know it’s a “loss leader”, but it’s also marketing genius. Even throughout the pandemic, Costco was smart enough to keep the chickens rotating. In a more serious vein, I love what this rotisserie chicken can mean to a family with several children.

Just a couple more food examples. — oranges and keto! About 6 months ago, on impulse, I grabbed a large bag of large oranges. The old cliché …. so good and so good for you! Since that day, I’ve eaten one large orange to accompany my bowl of keto cereal (purchased at Costco, of course) every day with very few exceptions. It’s a key part of my losing 35 pounds of body fat.

Costco’s proprietary brand, Kirkland, is another big exception to the “big box” store rules. We have found Kirkland brand items, food and non-food, to be high quality with attractive pricing which we have not seen anywhere else.

And finally, I want to point out one more enjoyable and rare feature you’ll find at Costco — positive people, both customers and employees.

I love the diversity I see everywhere in the store. You’ll see customers from all over the world.

The employees are outstanding. Whatever incentives Costco provides them, they’re working. They have always cheerfully provided assistance. With 35 years of experience in the retail business myself, I know how hard it can be to create a positive work environment. At Costco, customer appreciation is obvious and authentic.

Along with all the other attractions, being sincerely appreciated is what will motivate us to drive 30 minutes each way to shop at Costco.



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