Out Of Stock

The jigsaw puzzle craze has not subsided since it first began in December of last year. Yes, that’s right! The first spike in jigsaw puzzle demand occurred as a result of a CBS Sunday Morning story about Rob Gronkowski, an NFL star player using jigsaw puzzle assembly as therapy for his concussions. By the way, since then, he has re-signed to play again. 


Then came the Pandemic.

Almost immediately, the price of Netflix stock jumped by more than 15% due to increased demand, or so the experts said. Actually, NETFLIX’s stock value was increasing by that same rate for the 3 months prior to the Pandemic.  I give you all of this detail because I “play” the stock market and 
I’ve learned the hard way that fact checking is an absolute necessity. I also wanted to show you how smart I am. 

Supposedly, “binge watching” became all the rage. 


I suspect most people quickly found out, like I did, how mediocre these shows are. I personally have sampled some of them and they all “suck”. And, I mean ALL. Couldn’t find one to hold my interest. Even the latest heavily hyped series based on, no less than, a Pulitzer prize winning novel. It’s chaotic, disjointed, and only Godknows why they made it.

So, how much of this can anyone tolerate before your self esteem hits an all-time low and your body weight an all-time high?

Time to do something requiring movement and/or thinking.

That gets me to the myth that more people are exercising. 

Give that about a week and a half.

The Peleton machines which have a 7-weekdelivery waiting period right now, in about 6 to 9 months, will be just another convenient place to hang dirty laundry just like most every other exercise machine purchased by a human being. We don’t want to exercise!!! We are genetically wired to preserve energy, not waste it. And, we don’t want to be reminded that we need to exercise. That’s why we cover the machine with clothing.

Today, Ravensburger, the number one rated jigsaw puzzle producer, is not taking direct-to-consumer orders due to overwhelming demand. 

The most popular brand of peel and stick puzzle saver, Puzzle Presto, used in preparing the puzzle for framing, is totally out of stock on all major sites.

We just finished our latest 1000-piece puzzle last night. We have two more on hand. Hopefully, we find another source. 

If any of my thousands of readers (I really have about 3, possibly 5) know of another source for a 1500-piece puzzle, please let me know.

I am being encouraged to write more often. 
I will try to do that, but assembling jigsaw puzzles takes time too.

It’s a “puzzlement”.

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