I’m giving up the puzzle metaphor. It’s too small and confining a construct for the universal questions I want to answer. As a neologist, one who creates new words, I was looking for a new domain name big enough to handle uncomfortable humor along with the creation of my imaginary nation where I can say what you might not want to hear. 

To all (both?) of my readers , the new identity of my blog leaves no doubt that cynicism, despair, and fatalism now dominates my philosophical outlook.  

All hope is lost — Learn to deal with it.

But hey, let’s put all that aside for the moment while I tell you about Bill Brown. Bill was a co-worker of mine many years ago who occupied an office immediately next to mine. We were staff members of a 100+ management team. I was the Operations Mgr. and Bill was the Accounting Mgr. Approximately every 3 or 4 weeks while I was doing administration chores at my desk, I would hear Bill say “Kaaayyy?! 

That was Bill responding to one of his superiors in the home office and he had his door open so every “Kaaayyy?!” was loud and clear. Every additional KAY? seemed to be more distinct, louder, and funnier, and it’s the only response I remember him giving during his calls. Apparently, Bill agreed with everything being said. The beauty of his response was its efficiency. It’s not even a word. It’s a long-drawn-out letter. I can imagine one of his superiors calling him a dumb ass and Bill would acquiesce with a “Kaaayyy?!”. 

It works.   

I’m telling this story to promote “Kaaayyy?!” as an efficient nonconfrontational reply for just about any situation. This replaces “YES, Dear” and cuts O.K. in half.

Try it. Try it on your mother-in-law, the kids, your significant other. It’s OK to try it in your living room or at work, —– “Kaaayyy?!”  

You can even try it in the locker room at the gym as I did this week. After explaining to several fellow members how and when to use K’s, as I was leaving, I said “Have a nice day.” The unanimous reply was, of course,


And, at no extra charge, here’s the blog bonus of the week —–

What do you call a male ladybug?

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