Cooper has belonged to both major political parties and has run for local public office under both banners. Now, in his own words, “I’m for myself!”


Learning How to Retire. When I first began my blog, I made a deliberate attempt to avoid revealing my age. Who is going to want to read what old people have to say? But when the essence of my blog is my life’s story, I realize now how dumb that was.  I’m 76 years old... Continue Reading →


100% Cotton --- Almost. I’m so proud of myself. I figured out last December that the reason I was experiencing serious skin irritation all over my body was the alleged 100% cotton sheets we were using.  The locations of the rashes on me corresponded exactly to my sleeping position. I always sleep on my right... Continue Reading →

A Letter From Santa

The following is Santa’s attempt to explain to our 4-year-old great granddaughter why he left a gift for her at Nana and Papa’s house to be opened the day after Christmas. That’s when our family will be celebrating Christmas due to some family members arriving the day after. I didn’t want everyone opening gifts while there were none... Continue Reading →


Photo by Los Muertos Crew on There are a lot of guys out there, like me, named Bob, and one, unlike me, named Baab(pronounced bob), which I’ll get to later. The internet has many clever websites extolling the virtues of one of the most likeable palindromes in the English language. The formal version of Bob,... Continue Reading →

Yearning (anhelo), Wistfully (pensativo)

I’m going to try to tell you how I feel about Málaga, Spain.  This city sits right on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the Iberian Peninsula. The city itself is all about tourism. However, one hour, due North, on thin, unmarked roads sits the village of Sayalonga. I was there in 2015. I keep the attached photo on my favorites... Continue Reading →

Redux: “Pleased to Meet You”

Why am I publishing this one again? Because it's my blog and I'm particularly proud of it. Puzzling (the verb) is becoming a large part of our lives now that we are “social distancing”, which is not new to me. I experienced a lot of it in high school for many reasons unrelated to any... Continue Reading →

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