Shopping For My Maserati

This time it’s for real.

I just completed a 3-hour ride to and from the nearest “Foreign” car dealership. That’s what they call themselves — “Foreign” A rather peculiar name for a dealership trying to sell cars in North Carolina. 

I already own one Maserati. Bright red! My granddaughter, with her cruel sense of humor, gave it to me for Christmas.

It’s 3 inches long and sits on my nightstand as a constant reminder of my incomplete bucket list.

See photo above.

After a bit of a struggle finding the dealership, I’m greeted by, Reese, a nattily clad, well-dressed, well-spoken salesman. Now, right here I want to find a way use Reese’s name followed by the word “pieces”.

Seriously, he was a very good listener, in less than 10 minutes we were examining my first close-up of my Maserati.

To have any chance of my wife signing off on my dream car deal the seats must be comfortable with easy access. They were perfect —– for me. The lease on our current vehicle expires in 18 months. That’s how long I have to conjure up a scheme to get my wife into a Maserati.

Time Out!

After returning home, I immediately went to reliability reports on the Maserati. Painfully, it ranks #40 out of 40 luxury performance cars reviewed. Couldn’t even make it to 39!

As I mentioned, I have 18 months to find an alternative to my former dream car. 

A 1971 Dodge Dart !!!

Ain’t she beautiful?


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