Axe Marketing Plan

A few days ago, I recommended to the axe throwing community that they approach the curling community with a plan to merge the 2 sports into one Olympic event. For 5% of the gross revenue from this merger, I offered my services to advise them in that process. 

Today, I’m proposing to the axe grinders the concept of the axe as a Home Security System. For an initial one-time expense of about $50.00, and a warning sticker on the door, the homeowners who are most likely to need a burglary deterrent can actually afford one. 

It’s very simple:

I will help you develop the messaging explaining to homeowners the value of learning how to throw an axe to protect their home. It’s estimated that simply having a sticker on the window with today’s electronic systems reduces the chance of a break-in by 60%. With a little creativity, I’ll design a dramatic picture to place on the front window showing what a burglar can expect if he tries to break in. It’s hard to prove the level of prevention, but I’m sure you’ll agree, that burglars fear pain and suffering much more than a charge of breaking and entering.

Here are a few more product marketing ideas to accompany axe sales;

Training Centers; Surely, Mom and Dad will want to hone their throwing skills. In the process their confidence will grow and prepare them for their first encounter.

Bumper and car window stickers with catchy phrases like “Axe me about Home Security”

Designer Holsters:

It’s recommended that the home owner have at least 2 axes at the ready. After they throw the first, depending upon where it lands, they need to be ready to throw a 2nd axe. A 3rd axe may also be needed because if the first 2 miss, now the burglar has the advantage. I recommend we downplay the likelihood of an axe volley occurring.

Granted, there are few wrinkles to iron out, but with your help and my 10% of gross, we can bring axe throwing out of obscurity right to every American’s front door.

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