100% Cotton — Almost.

I’m so proud of myself. I figured out last December that the reason I was experiencing serious skin irritation all over my body was the alleged 100% cotton sheets we were using. 

The locations of the rashes on me corresponded exactly to my sleeping position. I always sleep on my right side with my right hand under my head. But I was also getting rashes on my left side in the relative corresponding area as the right. 

To help you better envision what I’m saying, I had our technical department create a drawing showing the affected areas. Scroll down to see details.

All areas which came in contact with the pillow cases, the bed sheet, and the top sheet would develop serious bloody rashes. 

Most people would have gone to a dermatologist. I have a drawer full of potions from them which did absolutely nothing.

Then I began to wonder, given the location of the rashes, were the bed linens the problem?

The short version is YES!

I had my wife order Bamboo material bed linens. In 3 days, the rashes stopped. 

Today, April 23 is the first opportunity to write about this. Today is also the first that I researched this problem on the internet.

I feel so damned smart!

For my first internet query, I used “how do sheets become wrinkle free vs. those with wrinkles?” The first response was this,

The essence of which is:

“The process of treating wrinkle-free linens, known as finishing, happens when a manufacturer coats fabric fibers with a resin that makes those fibers stay in place. Thanks to that resin, the sheet appears wrinkle-free. “.

Naturally then I wanted to know more about the effects of resin. So back to the google machine and I got this “ 

Both epoxy resin and hardener can cause acute contact dermatitis.

I’m just bursting with pride right now.

I knew the solution before I knew what the problem was. I’ve been using that “ cart before the horse “ approach all my life! We bought the bamboo bed linens before I found out about the epoxy resin,

Finally, I got one right!!!!!

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