Soilent Green

Can you imagine how much nutrition is wasted in the process of landscaping in this country every year?

We spend our own energy or pay others to pick up and haul away fresh green grass clippings. Grass clippings contain nutrients just like the vegetables that humans commonly eat right now. As an abundant source of fiber or roughage, grass is a living green food which contains phytonutrients and is high in potassium and also chlorophyll. Grasses are also a pretty good source of digestive enzymes.

I know! It’s beneath our dignity as the Earth’s current ruling Mammal, to ingest a cow’s favorite food.

True! It may take some getting used to and one helluva of a lot of marketing to convince people to eat processed grass clippings. But, could they be any worse than kale, movie theater popcorn. or Pringles?

Most of you will recall a 1973 movie and, something of a cult classic these days, entitled “Soylent Green”. The movie’s most memorable character was Sol Roth played by Edward G. Robinson. Watch the movie if you haven’t already and watch Sol stoically enjoy his last meal of soylent green, a.k.a. processed human remains just before he’s euthanized. Cheery plot, eh?

My idea, which I hatched about an hour ago, is to start a company called “Soilent Green”. Major landscaping companies all across America will be jumping all over this. You might say, “turning grash into cash”, huh?

Making fresh grass an American staple won’t be difficult —– any recipe intended to disguise the taste of kale will work for my fresh grass clippings.

My new company “Soilent Green” will soon be real. For $38.00 in my home county, I can form a corporation and name myself chief of everything and receive business supply catalogs from other companies who have no idea who they’re mailing to just like I have with

My next step is to work up a presentation for Whole Foods.

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