Obesity falls under the heading of a pandemic. A Pandemic is defined as an epidemic which spreads over multiple countries or continents. Biologists can create vaccines for physical ills but, there will never be a vaccine to cure obesity. The cure lies in awareness, education, and our commitment to changing our behavior. The following is... Continue Reading →


Learning How to Retire. When I first began my blog, I made a deliberate attempt to avoid revealing my age. Who is going to want to read what old people have to say? But when the essence of my blog is my life’s story, I realize now how dumb that was.  I’m 76 years old... Continue Reading →


100% Cotton --- Almost. I’m so proud of myself. I figured out last December that the reason I was experiencing serious skin irritation all over my body was the alleged 100% cotton sheets we were using.  The locations of the rashes on me corresponded exactly to my sleeping position. I always sleep on my right... Continue Reading →

What are the Odds?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com It’s Thanksgiving Day. My swimming pool is closed. My daily exercise will be walking in the neighborhood park with the usual stop to buy lottery tickets. The new numbers look at lot better than the old ones. The odds of winning??? --- Not so much!  As I arrive at the park, I rest at a... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning Stroll

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning --- nothing but happy thoughts. Due to the swimming pool being closed on Sunday’s, a long walk is the second order of the day, not the first. The first order of the day is still caffeine and nicotine. With that out of the way, time to walk  The first stop on my route is... Continue Reading →

Room Available

I wish I could write simultaneously while assembling a puzzle. I was, just a moment ago, attempting to assemble the most difficult section of the Springbok puzzle shown below. Specifically, the upper left-hand corner had me stymied.  Taking one piece at a time, which might be a match, as I normally do, and attempting to find the correct... Continue Reading →

Redux: “Pleased to Meet You”

Why am I publishing this one again? Because it's my blog and I'm particularly proud of it. Puzzling (the verb) is becoming a large part of our lives now that we are “social distancing”, which is not new to me. I experienced a lot of it in high school for many reasons unrelated to any... Continue Reading →

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