Gregory Arias

“Bob” is such a nothing name. It means or signifies nothing. It can be a noun or a verb, but it’s never a reference to a person. There are at least 28 noun and 13 verb definitions for “bob”.

How did I wind up with the name? It’s an abbreviation for Robert. Unfortunately, when I ask to be called Robert, I get laughs and then I get ignored.

Time to change my name. I’ve been searching for something that more accurately reflects who I am. The name Gregory has a long colorful history going back to the 6th century. 16 Popes took that name. Can’t go wrong there.

For a last name I chose Arias which refers to songs usually sung as part of an opera.

Pious and musical —- now there’s a name with style and substance.

We’ll need to shorten up the first name — Gregory is just too formal. There! Greg Arias.

If you prefer complete informality, just call me gregarious.

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