Gregory Arias

"Bob" is such a nothing name. It means or signifies nothing. It can be a noun or a verb, but it's never a reference to a person. There are at least 28 noun and 13 verb definitions for "bob". How did I wind up with the name? It's an abbreviation for Robert. Unfortunately, when I... Continue Reading →

Fecks and Fetters

(A Boomer Logophile’s Rant) Unfettered? Feckless? We think we know what these words mean. But what do the root words mean, where did they originate? If something is now unfettered, logic dictates that at some point in the past it was fettered. Similarly, if I’m now “feckless”, I must have had some “feck” in the past.  A former colleague... Continue Reading →

Titanium Glow

Digression Alert! If you have no life and want to learn more about Titanium, google titanium/Wikipedia. I dare you.


100% Cotton --- Almost. I’m so proud of myself. I figured out last December that the reason I was experiencing serious skin irritation all over my body was the alleged 100% cotton sheets we were using.  The locations of the rashes on me corresponded exactly to my sleeping position. I always sleep on my right... Continue Reading →

The War of the Shower Shoes

There’s a great movie, The War of the Roses, starring Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, and Danny DeVito. Although 33 years old, it still plays well today. It demonstrates. to the extreme, how one-upmanship between husband and wife can turn ugly real fast.  In the past 24 hours Joan, my wife, and I went through a similar, although much less... Continue Reading →


Photo by Los Muertos Crew on There are a lot of guys out there, like me, named Bob, and one, unlike me, named Baab(pronounced bob), which I’ll get to later. The internet has many clever websites extolling the virtues of one of the most likeable palindromes in the English language. The formal version of Bob,... Continue Reading →

Falling Leaves

As I ponder while sitting on the screened porch outside first thing this morning with my coffee and cigarette, I realized that I was focused on how many leaves remained on my favorite tree in our back yard. And then I wondered ---- Just how predictable, and boring does your life have to be to get you to the point of counting unfallen leaves? I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning Stroll

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning --- nothing but happy thoughts. Due to the swimming pool being closed on Sunday’s, a long walk is the second order of the day, not the first. The first order of the day is still caffeine and nicotine. With that out of the way, time to walk  The first stop on my route is... Continue Reading →

Pee Before You Leave (PBYL)

10/24/2021 Yes! I’ve backtracked to naming my articles with the full date below just in case a literary critic, 19 years from now decides to do ananthology of Bob’s best articles. Its date stamped! On to the task at hand…….. A significant part of my life’s odyssey is influenced by the Packer factor. i.e. The Green Bay... Continue Reading →

Slippery Slope

We were discussing politics and science. My granddaughter and I can do that and still love each other dearly when we’re done. Now, just to prove to her that I do listen, I’m going to elaborate, examine, and dissect an idiom which she used to accent her argument. It’s very common today on the news shows and internet.... Continue Reading →

Extended Family

Photo by Imprensa AgruBanu00ae on I’m all done searching for the world’s best topics, titles, and catchy subject matter. In keeping with my blog’s title, I’ve suddenly realized that my Odyssey includes the present as much as the past. I'll make an effort to write every day, ideally at the peak of the day’s... Continue Reading →

All Cats go to Delaware

I haven’t written a facetious rant in quite a while. Note!!! Facetious!!! Photo by Pixabay on Delaware just happened to be on the other end of the bridge. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a fascinating sight with a captivating history for a buff like me. After convincing my wife Joan that we will not die... Continue Reading →


Can’t help myself. When an obscure adjective comes shooting out of the big screen TV, it hits my brain like a speed bump at 30 MPH. This morning the commentator used “truculent” to describe the Russian leader’s attitude during an interview. My immediate thought was it’s safe to bet that half of the viewers have no idea what it... Continue Reading →

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