Sunday Morning Stroll

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning — nothing but happy thoughts. Due to the swimming pool being closed on Sunday’s, a long walk is the second order of the day, not the first. The first order of the day is still caffeine and nicotine. With that out of the way, time to walk 

The first stop on my route is the gas station where a $20.00 contribution to the local public school system buys 10 lottery tickets —hope of financial independence —- a hilltop villa in Malaga, or, more likely; empty disappointment. A quick glance at the new numbers assures me that they’re an improvement over the losers from last week. 

Cross the road —- avoid being crushed by a dump truck — turn left at the kidney dialysis clinic under construction directly across the street from the new Hispanic restaurant also under construction and up the hill to Mary Hayes Barber Holmes Park. With 4 names she must have been influential in her heyday. This link will give you a very nice overview of the park written by Michelle Wells.–September-29

To summarize Michelle’s article, it’s a pretty cool and unique hangout. The circumference of the park is about a third of a mile so, 3 trips around does the trick. 

Boredom sets in — walking in circles, — thinking about what real difference this park or any park makes in the lives of the local population. Everyone seems to enjoy it. Parties of all kinds are set up under the picnic shelter. Did Mary Holmes herself realize the level of positive impact she was going to have on the local residents?    

Time spent here is time NOT time spent watching TV or checking the cell phone. Let’s just call that “peace of mind”. Grama, and Grampa, have the grand kids’ attention. The space is free for celebrating just about any occasion. The surrounding forest offers endless little adventures for those who look closely (3yr. olds are very good at this). 

My walk is coming to an end. Sunday afternoon football telecasts are rapidly approaching. But the next event on the Sunday schedule is the consumption of a high fiber cereal —– part of my daily routine. In between lapses in self-control involving ice cream and potato chips, Keto is my first food choice. Actually, I’m not really sure what Keto is. Check out the photo below. That’s how I know I’m eating Keto — says so right on the bag. Close up it looks very much like a good mulch for Hydrangeas, — no exaggeration. Really good digestion can change your life, in fact it could change the world. Find a way to slip a strong laxative into the terrorist’s food supply.  They won’t be feeling so “Proud”. Proximity to indoor plumbing replaces hiding out in the woods. Finally, World Peace is in sight.

Having improved my health just a little bit, it’s time for the Sunday football marathon running from 1 PM to midnight. For the remainder of the day, you’ll find me slumped on the sofa — eating and secreting.  

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